Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My friend has cancer and it sucks

My friend has cancer. Prostate. He's only 41. He has a new wife and two daughters and they just had a new baby, and it just isn't fair.

This isn't one of those stories where he starts treatment and the cancer retreats into oblivion, off to victimize someone else. This is a story where the fucking cancer hangs on, and spreads and scares the shit out of me and the rest of his family and friends. This is a story about what happens when you watch David battle Goliath, but you are so close, you see the fear in his eyes and it makes you doubt whether everything really will be OK.

But this is no time for fear and doubt. So you both buck up and try to act like those feelings don't exist and keep shoving hope in their place.

So anyway, my friend has cancer and it sucks. But he won't for long. And maybe the one good thing about this is that for all of us, it puts all of the petty bullshit back into its place - to the "it doesn't matter" pile, and reminds me that the really important stuff are the simple things.

Family, friends, laughter, love. Hope.

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