Monday, February 18, 2008

Is the legal profession filled with ignorance?

I found many of the comments regarding this story at to be terrible.

The post describes a student at the University of Alabama law school having what appears to be a problem with mental illness during class. Funny that a few people use the archaic term "nervous breakdown." I find it interesting that a profession so obsessed with using exacting language is so sloppy when referencing what occurred with this poor student.

The comments seem to reflect a lot of ignorance regarding mental illness and a TON of insensitivity. I worry that I will be practicing law with these people in a few years. The worst part is that many of them seem to hide behind the anonymity of the internet. What does that concern me? I would rather know who the jerks are rather than have them hiding among us.

Another view is that the posters who were so rude may have been expressing fear of mental illness couched in insensitivity. Maybe the ignorant comments were really made by people suffering from some type of stress disorder themselves. It's a shame that the members of this profession can't be more sympathetic and put competition aside in favor of collaboration and caring.

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Ms. Feasance said...

And, I wasn't going to post this on ATL, but a good 3/10ths of what's up there is total horsesh*t.
I sit behind that guy in another class, and I have an extremely clear view of what's on his laptop screen. It's never even the Internet, but always his well-prepped case briefs with a "notes" section underneath. So if he's been Googling school shootings, he's been doing it either in another class, or on his own time. Hell, I wish I were so focused in class.
And my memory may fail me, but as I recall he didn't even have his laptop out in that class.

It's a shame that the legal profession, which is so rife with mental illnesses, places such a stigma on getting treated for them. And that people en masse can be such morons.