Monday, August 31, 2009

Awesome site for goofing around online

Mensa has a great site filled with "brain teaser" games. I had no idea! These games are keeping me company while I waste a beautiful day fretting about the mail.

Check out the games by clicking here.

I really liked the "hangman" type game called "Wordsense" and the awesome trivia game.

Waiting for rejection letters to arrive

I had 4 different jobs that were supposed to "let me know" by the end of the month. Today is the end of the month. I have not received telephone calls from these potential employers, which obviously means that they hired someone else.

But, since my mail has been held up for a month now, I was still holding out a tiny bit of hope. (That's an Obama voter for you!) Now, I am anxiously sitting in the living room, scoping out the street for the mail truck.

Not getting mail for a month does something to a person. In my case, it causes insanity.

Please get here soon mail carrier. I can't take it much longer!.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Need some advice?

The coolest/most annoying thing about having a law degree has to be that everyone seems to want free information about legal stuff. In the past week, I have given out a lot of information:

1) Explaining the ins and outs of lawyers' trust accounts to a law school buddy.

2) Explaining to my sister's neighbor (I guess he's my neighbor too now) that the judge in the case he is a juror for won't speak to him without all the parties there, and that a casual chat probably cannot occur while the case is at trial.

3) Chatting with the fiance's parents about grandpa's deterioration and the need to look into options for his finances, etc. since he now has had dementia episodes.

4) Telling an acquaintance that they may need to file a bankruptcy.

While this is cool, none of it is earning me any money. It does, however, make me feel smart and useful, which is just as good as money in my book. (Other than the fact that self-esteem doesn't pay for 4 new tires.)

Officially giving myself permission to freak out

I have had an issue with the post office not forwarding my mail since I moved in with my sister almost a month ago.

First they said that there was a processing error, and they noted the date to start forwarding the mail incorrectly. That was last Thursday. They told me they would send the mail this week.

It's now Friday, and no mail yet. I called yesterday and left a message for someone to call me about this.

The big problem? I have 3 different jobs that said they would make a decision by the end of the month. If they have rejected me already, I would sure like to know. If they haven't, I could still have a little hope that maybe the hiring process is a little delayed. I don't want to be a nag, and send them emails, only to find out that they hired others. This is quite a quandry.

I am going to give these employers until Tuesday (or until my forwarded mail arrives, whichever happens first). If I don't hear anything by then, I am going to contact them again.

I hate this stuff. I just need a job!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Had a life this weekend

This weekend, I splurged and actually left the house and spent a little of my dwindling cash supply. On Friday night, the fiance' and I went to play board games at a friends house.
Cost = $0

On Saturday, we were treated to a Packer game to celebrate the future father-in-law's retirement. Of course, mother-in-law told us to buy a bunch of snacks and stuff and then bought more anyway, wasting a bunch of money, but since the game was free (and super fun) I counted it as a wash.
Cost = $25.00

Sunday, I went to Zoo Ala Carte, which basically means walking around and looking at animals and eating. It was $10 to get in and I spent another $10 on food. Had a good time with a friend I haven't seen in a long time, so it was worth it.
Cost $20

Today, I went running errands with my sister, and didn't spend a thing, which is fortunate, since my money is running low. Tomorrow, I am using the old food stamps to get some groceries. We ate an eggplant frittata for dinner tonight that was my idea, but was poorly executed by my sister. She served french toast as a consolation food, but I just couldn't handle syrup at 6 pm. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Jobs jobs and more jobs

I just got an email that a non-profit I know is hiring in the town where I went to law school. The position is about 50% volunteer management and recruiting. This is the same thing I did with both my project assistant job in law school and in my volunteer work. I think I have a good chance of getting it. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

There's no place like home and I don't have one

I moved in with my sister on August 1. Into her basement to be exact. Beforehand, I idealized what this would be like, imagining taking my little nephew to the zoo and museum and parks to play. I thought my sister and I would have heart-to-heart talks over tea in the morning. I thought that all my friends in my hometown would be lining up to hang out with me.

None of this has happened. Instead, I have spent quite a bit of time by myself, reading, organizing and surfing the internet. My sister and her husband's household is usually in a state of chaos. Keys get lost, checking accounts are not balanced, meals are unplanned - causing my sister to visit the grocery store about 4 times a week. I get lots of mini-lectures about:

turning off lights,
turning off the outside water (after I do my chore of watering the plants and lawn daily),
making sure water doesn't seep into the loose floor tile in the bathroom,
making sure I rinse my recyclables before putting them in the bin,
not turning on the dehumidifier in the basement unless my brother-in-law thinks it should be,
and on
and on
and on.

I haven't committed any of the above infractions, but my sis and her husband sure have. And I don't say a thing.

Not to sound ungrateful, because I am happy not to be homeless.

But I am not happy about being treated like a 15 year old, and I don't like that the family eats everything I buy from the store (with my much-needed foodstamps), even when they know I bought the stuff. I also just miss having my own home, A HOME.

There really is no place like it.