Saturday, April 28, 2007

Is anonymous a good thing?

I have been reconsidering the decision to stay anonymous. I don't think I say anything too provocative that could hurt my career. I am fairly honest, if a bit sarcastic at times. However, if people I knew read my posts here, maybe the honesty would suffer. I am not sure that I can honestly post about my fears, hopes and dreams if I know my classmates are all reading it (and knowing I am the person behind the posts). On the other hand, in 3D, my life is pretty much an open book. I tend to be a bit moody, and others' views of me must be influenced by what mood I am in that day, but otherwise, what you see is what you get.

Same with what you read here. This is pretty much who I am, anxiety and all. I think I make more wisecracks here than in 3D, but otherwise, it's accurate.

What do all of you think about coming out of the blogging closet so to speak?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Moot court

As many of my loyal readers (do I have loyal readers?) know, I was going to try out for Moot Court, but got too lazy during Spring Break and decided not to. This week, I discovered that I am an idiot. We have to do an oral argument as part of our legal writing class this semester. I didn't prepare much for mine (maybe worked for a total of 5 hours or so). I never practiced it at all. I just wrote a one page outline of what I would talk about and showed up. Surprisingly, I did a pretty good job, and I really loved doing it. (Even my teacher said so)

Now I am kicking myself for not doing to Moot Court competition. I have had an ongoing "life issue" of not trying stuff because I am afraid of not doing well. I need to get over that. It seems like I give up on things like this, and then regret it later.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Day 15 an still no cigarettes. 28 people slapped.

Sarah, Ellen, Me & Christina

OK, I never actually slapped anyone, but my sense of humor has been slightly darker and more juvenile lately.

Last night was the exercise in futility known to students as the "Law School Prom." This is an opportunity for the male students to put on that same business suit we see them in every time they have an interview, and for the female students (whose main life talent is academics, not fashion) to put on dresses that are too tight, too short and show more cleavage than anyone ever needs to. Then, these socially awkward groups mingle. And drink. And drink and drink. By the third hour of open bar, I was seriously wondering if some of my classmates need rehab. When I saw them on the dance floor, attempting to dance to hip hop in their ill fitting outfits and uncomfortable shoes, I was certain they would all end up at Betty Ford by the end of the night.

Note: I do not know the people in the picture. I just posted it as representative of last night's fashions.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Laverne & Surly

I don't even know anyone named Laverne. I am just crabby because of quitting smoking. Cancer avoidance can be such a bummer. I don't want to die, but I don't want spend the rest of my life being mildly irritated either. I am worried that feeling so irate could be harmful to the health of others - even more so than the secondhand smoke.

Surprisingly, I stopped using the nicotine replacement stuff yesterday, because it doesn't make me feel any "nicer." I thought it would curb cravings, which would improve my mood.

I have found that I don't want a cig, I just want to slap the shit out of people. Is that wrong?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

According to American Airlines, we haven't come far at all

This post at the Consumerist blog shows us how American Airlines feels about providing service to female passengers. Apparently, we are not that smart, and all of us really like the color pink a lot.

American Airlines is hoping to attract more women travelers with a new website "for women". "We obviously have a vast interest in women," said Peggy Sterling, AMR vice president of safety, security and environmental. "There is an untapped resource." The new "women's" site mentions women friendly things like "girlfriends" and "book recommendations."
From the site:
Check the latest carry-on regulations, find advice on travel safety and wellness, and pick up tips for a stylish and efficient travel wardrobe.
Psssst. Women like clothes. Mention that on the site. This is awesome. They're totally going to fly our airline now. Make the search box pink, and get rid of all those "tools," women hate tools.—MEGHANN MARCO
To check out the site for yourself, click on the American Airlines for Women page. I am normally not some rabid feminist, but this truly is offensive to me on quite a few levels. Mostly though, I am amused that they think this will work to get more women to fly American.

I am a female law student, but I am no Elle Woods!

Friday, April 6, 2007

The library during Spring Break

Who knew the law library could be so great during Spring Break? There is no one in here. It's quiet. No one is stopping by my study area and bugging the heck out of me. I haven't seen one undergrad girl in pink velour sweatpants with "hottie" on the ass. No undergrad girls means no undergrad guys wearing Abercrombie desperately trying to hit on those girls. I am loving it here right now. Sounds nerdy, but it's true!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

OK, I lied

I finished (a relative term) my trial level brief, and left for a fabulous Spring Break extended weekend to a nearby resort town with 7 of my best friends. Due to the lack of internet access in the middle of nowhere, I was forced to leave the blogosphere behind.

I have been busy lately. I have been working a lot on a lot of stuff lately. I am applying for a judicial internship for next semester. I am working on a brief (yes, another one) for Moot Court tryouts. I got elected to the SBA. I am trying to finish a newsletter I am working on. So much for break! Mine ended yesterday!