Saturday, April 21, 2007

Day 15 an still no cigarettes. 28 people slapped.

Sarah, Ellen, Me & Christina

OK, I never actually slapped anyone, but my sense of humor has been slightly darker and more juvenile lately.

Last night was the exercise in futility known to students as the "Law School Prom." This is an opportunity for the male students to put on that same business suit we see them in every time they have an interview, and for the female students (whose main life talent is academics, not fashion) to put on dresses that are too tight, too short and show more cleavage than anyone ever needs to. Then, these socially awkward groups mingle. And drink. And drink and drink. By the third hour of open bar, I was seriously wondering if some of my classmates need rehab. When I saw them on the dance floor, attempting to dance to hip hop in their ill fitting outfits and uncomfortable shoes, I was certain they would all end up at Betty Ford by the end of the night.

Note: I do not know the people in the picture. I just posted it as representative of last night's fashions.

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