Wednesday, April 11, 2007

According to American Airlines, we haven't come far at all

This post at the Consumerist blog shows us how American Airlines feels about providing service to female passengers. Apparently, we are not that smart, and all of us really like the color pink a lot.

American Airlines is hoping to attract more women travelers with a new website "for women". "We obviously have a vast interest in women," said Peggy Sterling, AMR vice president of safety, security and environmental. "There is an untapped resource." The new "women's" site mentions women friendly things like "girlfriends" and "book recommendations."
From the site:
Check the latest carry-on regulations, find advice on travel safety and wellness, and pick up tips for a stylish and efficient travel wardrobe.
Psssst. Women like clothes. Mention that on the site. This is awesome. They're totally going to fly our airline now. Make the search box pink, and get rid of all those "tools," women hate tools.—MEGHANN MARCO
To check out the site for yourself, click on the American Airlines for Women page. I am normally not some rabid feminist, but this truly is offensive to me on quite a few levels. Mostly though, I am amused that they think this will work to get more women to fly American.

I am a female law student, but I am no Elle Woods!

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