Friday, November 23, 2007

Ah Thanksgiving

Sometimes, no matter how old you are, you just want to be by your mom. My SO and I got to see both our mothers last night and it was wonderful. I am way too old to actually NEED my mom anymore. I haven't lived with her for almost 18 years. I haven't relied on her for financial support for about the same amount of time. However, the feeling of being around someone who loves you for the entirety of who you are (including the things you would rather forget, or just forgot because you didn't think they mattered) is priceless.

Screw the turkey and pumpkin pie. I just wanted a hug from my mom. You are never too old for that!

With the pilgrims nearly forgotten, and the times when you would make a turkey by tracing your hand on a paper plate behind you, Thanksgiving is simply about family. The older I get, the more I appreciate mine.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Law School admin slogging through red tape

So, as a state school, we suffer with a lot of regulations by various state agencies. Recently, those regulations were found to have been ignored in the area of food sales inside the law school.

Today, I met with a bunch of perfectly reasonable administration officials about how to work within the rules.

Unfortunately, the rules mean that a few law school traditions are going the way of the dinosaurs, including the incredibly fun chili cookoff.

I think that as long as they tell everyone what the CAN do, instead of emphasizing the negative, the students can't argue much.

For those who know that I love complaining and agitating for change, it was a surprise to find myself agreeing with what was said at the meeting today.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My law school hates poor people

That's the only explanation I can figure for why we haven't offered the Poverty Law or Consumer Law classes listed in the school catalog I received before I started here. Seems like they listed all these great classes to get me to accept admission, but once I got here, it was only patents, trademarks and 8 sections of legal writing taught by former 7th grade teachers.

Speaking of consumer law, does this sound like the familiar "bait and switch" sales tactic? I wonder if I can force the law school to honor its advertising....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just stop typing and listen for once!

Question #1: When did it become OK to send a text message from your cell phone while someone is in an in-person conversation with you?
Answer #1: Never

Question #2: When did it become socially acceptable to show up at an event where someone is taking time from their busy day to give you advice and surf the net on your laptop the whole time?
Answer #2: Never

If you think that the correct answer to either of these was "sometimes or always" you should be beaten with a stick.

I have been dismayed lately that many law students seem to think that it is OK to use their electronic devices constantly. I know that you all spend most of your day on your laptop, but real human face-to-face interaction won't kill you. It is rude to pull out a laptop during the lunch hour career talk with lawyers. They don't have laptops in front of them - because they are communicating with you. Show these people some courtesy and just pay attention for 45 minutes!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Time spent in law building & my own immaturity at all time high

I received an email this morning that my Professional responsibilities class was cancelled and let out a little squeal of delight. It's not that I don't like my ethics class, it's just that any reprieve from the constant onslaught of information is always welcome. I am just embarrassed that I was as happy about class being cancelled as I was in 5th grade when our teacher had her appendics removed, and we got an extended winter vacation. At this rate, I will have the attitude and intellect of a 5 year old by the time I graduate from this place. 2

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I can't believe that these students can't fund raise!

We are trying to sell coupon books to benefit the organization that is going to the Gulf Coast this winter. I was foolish enough to assume that people who planned to make their living off of getting new clients for their firms, schmoozing existing clients, and possibly making presentations at court would be outgoing enough to sell stuff.

Not so.

Many of the people have been acting like they are doing me a personal favor by selling these coupon books (even though the money we raise helps every single student save money). They are whining about selling just three of the books, and behaving like I should buy them all myself to make it easier.

I sold 7 of the books with a total of an hours effort, just by TALKING to other people about them. Oh, that, and just by asking.

Instead of "don't ask, don't tell," I am dealing with people who are engaging in, "Don't ask, don't SELL!"

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My classmates scare me sometimes

This week, a girl in my professional responsibility class indicated that she would bill the client for time she spent SLEEPING on an out of town deposition trip.

And I used to wonder why people hate lawyers? Not anymore!