Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I can't believe that these students can't fund raise!

We are trying to sell coupon books to benefit the organization that is going to the Gulf Coast this winter. I was foolish enough to assume that people who planned to make their living off of getting new clients for their firms, schmoozing existing clients, and possibly making presentations at court would be outgoing enough to sell stuff.

Not so.

Many of the people have been acting like they are doing me a personal favor by selling these coupon books (even though the money we raise helps every single student save money). They are whining about selling just three of the books, and behaving like I should buy them all myself to make it easier.

I sold 7 of the books with a total of an hours effort, just by TALKING to other people about them. Oh, that, and just by asking.

Instead of "don't ask, don't tell," I am dealing with people who are engaging in, "Don't ask, don't SELL!"

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Sarah said...

My main problem with them is acting in general like these things are just going to happen. If they were deadbeat BB sellers but were stepping up all over the place to do something else. Well, we'd be in a different situation for sure. You know some 1Ls said they would cite-check, picked up the packet and never handed it in. And don't respond to emails. Or return the $10 copycard. Seriously, never overestimate a law student.