Thursday, February 21, 2008

The legal clinic

This semester, I am working one of our school legal clinics for 3 credits. That means 12 hours week, I have to be in the clinic working on cases. The problem right now is that I only have one case. And there is nothing to do for it right now. I have a letter to the client that is awaiting approval from my supervising attorney, but that's about it. I haven't talked to the client in over a week because I have to send the "Terms of Representation" letter first.

We are also required to keep a journal of our experience. While blogging is kind of like keeping a journal, my blog is about law school and life during law school, not a super narrow topic like the clinic. Our journal entries have to be turned in weekly, in "memo" format, and include suggested topics like, "things that made me feel like a real lawyer this week" or "what being a good lawyer means to me." Very corny, and very difficult to write when my clinic experiences have been so limited.

I am hoping that I get more clients soon. I consider the clinic to be another "job" and don't like being idle during my workday.

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