Sunday, February 17, 2008

I am an emotionless robot (aka: I wasn't moved by Barack Obama)

So, I went to the big Barack Obama rally here last week. After standing in a really really long line and getting to my seat, only to have to sit there for another 2 hours, I will admit that I wasn't in a great mood. I was hoping I would be inspired though. I also incorrectly assumed that I would be treated as an educated American and have the candidate's policy positions elaborated upon. I was wrong on both fronts.

The rally was aimed at brainless college students. There was no real policy discussion at all. Just Mr. Obama saying the equivalent of, "war sucks, and I am cool" and "I will help you with stuff you want." I was unimpressed, but this strategy seemed to work well on the army of 18-20 year old students there.

I know, I know - I live in a college town and candidates cater to their audience. I just felt like I was in the midst of a commercial, not a political event. They even alternated songs from various music genres to ensure that everyone would feel "included." This just felt fake to me.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to be here today, but that was canceled due to bad weather. I guess I am going to continue being undecided and make a game time decision at the polls on Tuesday.

Please dear readers: convince me! If you feel strongly about either candidate, please comment. I need help making a decision and soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I got access to your blog via LSD. I also am in a spot where I feel very nervous about Barack OBama as Prez. I'm also very nervous seeing that the majority of my peers love him and HATE Hillary, with few credible reasons beside "Hope" "End to Status Quo" and "Change". Hillary, to me, has experience AND an ability to change things around for our country. The democratic party, in general, will bring about great changes to Bush's failed stay in the white house. Obama supporters, when faced with criticism about his lack of experience, counter that Hillary's experience isn't all that great, but hardly ever has anything to say for his experience...because he hardly has any. His speeches are so inspirational and I get goosebumps even if I don't like him that much, if that's possible, but in debates he never addresses the real nitty gritty issues. Plus if I hear "I was against the war from day one.." one more time, I think I may throw something at the TV. As former running mate Bill Richardson said, "What's wrong with a little experience?"

I think the best thing for the Dem party would be the "dream ticket", Hillary/Obama, just because there is going to be a great divide after the nomination is picked and that may keep people united. I think giving Obama experience as VP could set him up for a great term after Hillary. The chances of this happening...? Pretty slim. I still think they hate eachother even if they say they don't. :)