Monday, March 12, 2007

All nighter update

I finished the argument section for my trial level brief by about 2:30 am this morning. However, due to my massive caffeine consumption, I couldn't fall asleep until about 5 am. I had to get up at 7 am. I usually study in the library on Mondays until about 6 pm, but when class ended at 11, I was out of there.

I had a nice lunch, a nice nap and even get to watch the national nightly news tonight. After chugging down a glass of chocolate milk, I am now ready to take on the world. (Meaning - read my Civ Pro II cases for tomorrow)

In other news, my expressions of law school angst (both in person and blogged) seem to have hit a nerve. A few really good people have reached out, some who I didn't know read this, or who I didn't know realized this blog was me. Turns out that a really bad day at law school is pretty much universal.

Note to those people: please respect my anonymity and keep my identity to yourself. Thanks!

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