Wednesday, March 26, 2008

As the law review election turns

Never before has any event been so fraught with intrigue and drama. Never before has doing so much work been so unrewarding. Never before have I soooooo not wanted Mr. T and Mr. R to be my bosses.

What am I talking about? The upcoming law review elections. The most qualified people are too socially inept to run for anything. The egomaniacs are out in full force though, shaking hands with members who they never had time for before, and saying childish things like, "you should vote for me because my shoes are cute."

Personally, since the Editor in Chief of this thing is my likely boss, I would really like someone smart, but also a skilled manager. This is hard to find in law school. Many students call "extensive work experience" the one summer they spent stuffing envelopes for some senator, or the one year they worked as a paralegal at their dad's law firm between undergrad and law school.

They also foolishly hold the elections the same day as our annual skit show. That means that I only could be cast in two skits. They had better finish this lame election by the time the show starts!

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