Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I just wanted to ask a damn question!

Many times, as soon as the class ends, a bunch of students rush up to the professor with questions. Today, I had a question and decided to be proactive by letting the prof know (before class started) that I wanted to talk to her after class. I asked if I could avoid the crush of students and if I could "sign up" for the first slot and ask my question and get out of there. She agreed, and told me we would meet in another room as soon as she got packed up.

Then class ended and I stood there waiting for her to get "packed up" while a crush of students rushed up and asked their questions. What did being proactive get me? A 28 minute wait to ask a simple question.

I wasn't happy.

Then, got an email from a friend (someone who asked a question of the prof after class) "apologizing" for me having to wait, and saying that she heard I "was mad at those who rushed up to the prof." Now, the only people who heard me complain about the professor being tardy for her office hours were two people I would call acquaintances. And I never complained about students - only about the professor herself. Why would my classmates try to stir up fake drama like this? See, this is what I don't like about law school. It's not the work, it's bullshit like this. Let me tell you, it is not an isolated incident. People have so little contact with the real world, that their only topic of conversation is each other. I just wish they would leave me out of it. I am sick of hearing others' gossip and I don't want to be included in it either!

To avoid being the victim of gossip and dragged into drama created by a classmate's need for "excitement", I have been withdrawing from a lot of socializing with people at school. This goes against my natural personality, which is to want to be friendly and chatty. It's sad that I feel this way about my fellow classmates.

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Mark said...

I got out of law school 16 years ago and a lot has changed... but the petty drama BS seems the same.

Good luck!