Sunday, February 18, 2007

Job Interviews - the bane of my existence

My mama keeps telling me, "Don't worry honey, you will find a job soon." Sure doesn't seem like it. Since I don't want to work at a firm and am concentrating on public interest positions, AND I have to stay within driving distance of my apartment, I don't have a ton of options. I really don't want to stay with a friend, or pay rent in two places at once. The significant other is really becoming a liability in some ways. Can't sublet the apartment with him living here. Can't afford to pay rent twice. I feel a little trapped.

Then again, having the SO around has saved me from having to take the bus to school a lot. (It's been pretty cold here lately.) He also takes out the garbage, and does all the grocery shopping. However, I sometimes wish I was single like my friends are, with a nice empty house to come home to, and no one to interrupt their studying.

Well, my interview for a job in a nearby city went fairly well yesterday. Sleeping in my sister's guest room wouldn't be terrible for only 4 nights a week. I will survive.

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