Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I got a job offer!

I got a job offer! At the job fair last weekend, I only had one interview, and missed the time-frame to get an an interview for a second job as an "alternate." After my scheduled interview (which went well, but is in a nearby city), I talked to the people from the organization that had me as an alternate. I basically told them that I would follow them around on their errands if that's what it took to get an interview. They agreed to meet with me, and a normally 20 minute interview was stretched to 45 minutes.

I got an email on Sunday offering me a position from the second interview. Looks like persistence pays off. I went from "out of the running" to offer pretty fast!

Now I have to make a decision. The people that interviewed me "on the fly" almost seemed as if they were trying to talk me out of working there. I was surprised they offered me a summer job, because they kept concentrating on my background in another area of law. Their discussion with me almost makes me not as interested in working there. However, I really don't want to deal with staying with friends in another city 4 days a week for the whole summer. That just gets old after a while.

I am torn between wanting to wait and see the results of my first interview (in the other city) and just accepting my fate to work here in town.

Two days ago, I had no options, now I feel like there are too many!

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